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Fund Overview

The APN Asian REIT Fund (Fund) will invest primarily in REITs listed on the securities exchanges of the Asia Region (including, but not limited to, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand, but excluding Australia), as well as cash and fixed interest investments.

Fund Objective and Strategy

The APN Asian REIT Fund aims to:

  • Provide investors with a consistent and relatively high level of income compared to the Benchmark (GPR APREA Composite REIT Asia Index in AUD), combined with some capital growth, derived predominantly from investing in Asian REITs;
  • Have a gross annual income yield (before management fees, expenses and taxes) that equates to at least 110% of the average yield of the Benchmark;
  • Provide investors with some capital growth over a 5-7 year time horizon; and
  • Provide lower than market volatility.


The Fund pays distributions monthly.

Historical Performance

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The Fund offers daily liquidity.


The Fund charges an ongoing management fee of 0.98% of the Net Asset Value of the Fund.

There is a 0.30% spread between the buy unit price and the sell unit price.

More Information

For more information please contact the manager for a PDS.

For more information on unlisted property funds and property syndicates please refer to the following guide.


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  • Category : Property Securities Funds
  • Manager : APN Property Group
  • Term : Open-ended
  • Yield : n/a
  • IRR : n/a
  • Minimum Investment : 1000