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Fund Overview

The Freehold Australian Property Fund (Fund) comprises of a hybrid portfolio of listed and unlisted property and infrastructure against a benchmark comprising 50% A-REITs and Listed Infrastructure and 50% Unlisted Property and Infrastructure. The Fund’s listed portfolio style overlay screens for pure property and infrastructure characteristics and results in minimal exposure to development, currency risk and other ‘active’ earnings. The unlisted portfolio comprises institutional-grade assets within a diversified portfolio of internally and externally managed funds that spans the risk spectrum. The target unlisted allocation is 70% Core, 20% Value Add and 10% Development.

Objective of the Fund

The Freehold Australian Property Fund aims to outperform the Fund Benchmark on a rolling 3 year basis.


The Fund invests directly into an actively managed portfolio of Property Securities and Infrastructure Securities where the majority of assets derive a high proportion of earnings from rental, recurring sources or mature/contracted income.


The Fund makes distributions quarterly.

Term & Liquidity

There is no minimum or maximum term of investment.

Withdrawals are processed in accordance with the Fund’s liquidity policy and terms detailed in the PDS.


Refer to the PDS.

More Information

For more information please contact the manager for a PDS.

For more information on unlisted property funds and property syndicates please refer to the following guide.


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  • Category : Property Securities Funds
  • Manager : Freehold Investment Management
  • Term : Open-ended
  • Yield : n/a
  • IRR : n/a
  • Minimum Investment : 10000