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Fund Overview

The Legg Mason Martin Currie Property Securities Fund (Fund) comprises a portfolio of Listed A-REITs.

Fund Objective and Strategy

The Legg Mason Martin Currie Property Securities Fund aims to:

  • earn an after-fee return in excess of the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index over rolling three year periods.
  • exposure to individual ASX-listed securities is no more than 6% above the Benchmark weight.
  • exposure to non-ASX listed securities is no more than 7.5%
  • approximately 15 to 35 securities are held; and
  • a diversified exposure to property security sub sectors.

The Fund may invest up to 30% in non-ASX listed property related securities from Asian countries including New Zealand and excluding Japan.

While the maximum holding of cash or cash equivalents is 10%, the Fund is intended to be fully invested in securities at all times with cash being held for liquidity purposes only.

The Fund will not invest in securities issued by companies involved in:
• the production or distribution of cluster munitions
• the manufacture of tobacco products.

The Fund may also use certain derivatives to implement investment decisions, to manage cash flows or to facilitate timely exposure to Australian listed securities.


The Fund pays distributions quarterly.

Historical Performance

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The Fund offers daily liquidity.


The Fund charges an ongoing management fee of 0.70% of the Net Asset Value of the Fund.

There is a 0.25% spread between the buy unit price and the sell unit price.

More Information

For more information please contact the manager for a PDS.

For more information on unlisted property funds and property syndicates please refer to the following guide.


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  • Category : Property Securities Funds
  • Manager : Legg Mason Martin Currie
  • Term : Open-ended
  • Yield : n/a
  • IRR : n/a
  • Minimum Investment : 30000