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Fund Overview

The MPG Regional Cities Property Trust (Fund) provides investors with regular tax-advantaged income and the potential for capital growth through an investment in a diversified portfolio of quality properties predominantly leased to government tenants.

Objective of the Fund

The MPG Regional Cities Property Trust provides investors an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of social infrastructure properties located in some of Australia’s fastest growing regional cities.  The Fund seeks to provide regular and stable income with tax benefits and the potential for capital growth such as self-managed superannuation funds, private investors and retirees.


As at July 2020 the Fund contains a geographically diversified portfolio of 13 properties.  The Fund is 100% occupied and has a weighted average lease expiry of 4.8 years. The properties contained in the Trust have a combined value of $103.94 million


The Fund pays distributions quarterly.

Term & Liquidity

The investment term is approximately 5.0 years.

Withdrawals are processed monthly and limited to the terms detailed in the PDS and are subject to the Fund’s liquidity policy and summarised on Centuria’s website. The ability of the Fund to offer monthly withdrawals is not guaranteed.


Refer to the PDS.

More Information

For more information please contact the fund manager.

For more information on unlisted property funds and property syndicates please refer to the following guide.


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  • Category : Equity Funds
  • Manager : MPG Funds Management
  • Term : 5.0 years
  • Yield : 7.05%
  • IRR : n/a
  • Minimum Investment : 10000